Thursday, July 14

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If that is the case, then the frustration caused by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families has given birth to the Florida Family Resource Center.

The Department of Children and Families oversees various social welfare programs. Many people rely on the services of the Department and for them, they are an ally in the game of life.

Perhaps the most controversial segment of the Department's responsibilities is the investigation of alleged child abuse and all that it encompasses. It is a necessary job but one that results in inconsistent results. Once children are identified as having been allegedly abused, abandoned or neglected, their parents are in need of all of the help they can get.

The dedicated members and partners of the Florida Family Resource Center will strive to be a one stop shop for these parents to assist them in doing what they need to do for their children to be safely reunified with them.

We are currently seeking out relationships with other commuity-based organizations and programs to whom our families may be referred with specific needs. To join our community of caring, please join our emal list.